GenCon 2016

2e82cc72-b7cd-412a-a24e-8d7be289fab0This August I once again had the privilege of being an exhibitor for board game publisher Tasty Minstrel Games. It’s a great deal for everyone. I demoed the game Thief’s Market for them a few hours a day, and I got a GenCon badge and an armload of free games to show for it. TMG always holds a special place in my heart since I played their game Village. It was the first “worker placement” game I ever played and my first “Euro” game outside of Settlers of Catan.
GenCon is pretty amazing. It takes up the whole convention center in Indianapolis and it’s True Dungeon game spilled over into the Colts Lucas Oil Stadium. Around 60K people attend each year, so none of my photos can illustrate the sheer magnitude of the event. It makes your head spin walking through the aisles and coming across thousands of games, amazing art, people in cosplay and creative vendor booths.
I had made up a bunch of “sell sheets” and was planning knocking on a lot of publishers doors (apparently most prefer if you schedule appointments before the show). I was able to show my game Venture Capitalist to a publisher. They had a suggestion for a change that would improve my game… and I believe that this simple change will help it a lot. So after that I didn’t feel like showing it to any other publishers until it was fixed. There’s no rush to get anything published. I’ll just come back next year with that game, and hopefully a couple others. I have a couple other games I’m working on that I’m really excited about.
– Luke

Here’s a few pictures I took of the show. (Click for larger images.)


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