How to Play Sixex – Hard Puzzle Tutorial

Sixex Hard Puzzle Tutorial
sixex walkthrough 1

  1. This is an uncompleted Sixex puzzle with no hints given. These 14 pictures will demonstrate how this puzzle can be completed. This is just one way to complete the puzzle. (There are always multiple paths to completion.) If you don’t know how to play Sixex, basically there is a 4X4 grid that contains the numbers 1 through 10. There will also be 6 boxes that do not contain numbers. These boxes should be filled in with an X. The number in the upper right hand corner of each box will tell you how many boxes with numbers border this box (on all sides and corners). The clue in the upper left hand corner will tell you the sum total of all these bordering boxes. sixex walkthrough 2
  2. D4 must have a 9 and two X’s bordering it. sixex walkthrough 3
  3. D2 must be bordered by 4 numbers: C1, C2 and D1 must contain numbers.sixex walkthrough 4
  4. Either C3 or D3 must have a number so that D2 will be bordered by 4 numbers: C4 is an X. D1 is already bordered by two numbers: D2 is an X. sixex walkthrough 5
  5. D3 must be bordered by 3 numbers: C3 is 9 and D4 is a number. D4 is already bordered by one number: D3 is an X. sixex walkthrough 6
  6. D1 tells us that C1+C2=11. D2 is bordered by those numbers and C3 (which is 9) and 22-(11+9)=2: D1 is 2. sixex walkthrough 7
  7. C4 must by bordered by 3 numbers, so either B3 or B4 is a number. A4 must be bordered by one more number: A3 is a number.sixex walkthrough 8
  8. A2 needs to be bordered by one more number. A1 needs two bordering numbers and they can’t both be in B1/B2: A2 is a number. A2 is now bordered by 2 numbers: B3 is an X. A4 needs to be bordered by one more number: B4 is a number.sixex walkthrough 9
  9. C3 is already bordered by three numbers: B1 is a number and B2 is X.sixex walkthrough 10
  10. B2 is already bordered by six numbers: A1 is X. B3 needs to be bordered by one more number: A4 is a number. sixex walkthrough 11
  11. D1 tells us that C1+C2=11. B1 needs to have a sum of 14: A2 is 5. A1 needs to have a sum of 9: B2 is 4. sixex walkthrough 12
  12. A2 needs a sum of 7: A3 is 3. A4 needs a sum of 11: B4 is 8. sixex walkthrough 13
  13. A3 needs a sum of 20: A4 is 7. C4 needs a sum of 23: D4 is 6. sixex walkthrough 14
  14. D3 needs a sum of 25: C2 is 10. By default: C1 is 1.

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