New Math Puzzle Game

Are you a math teacher looking for a fun and challenging game for your students? Or are you a parent who is wanting their child to practice their math skills? Look no further than the new math puzzle game Sixex! In this game you use your logic and math skills in a fun way to solve the puzzle.
The rules to Sixex are as follows. Find out the positions of the numbers 1 through 10 in a 4X4 grid (each number is used only once and there will be six empty boxes that should be marked with an X). The clues in the upper right hand corner indicate how many of bordering boxes that contain a number. The clues in the upper left hand corner of the boxes indicate the sum total of the bordering boxes. So in this example, box C4 requires three bordering boxes with a sum total of 23. Since it is bordered by 9 and 8 (9 + 8 = 17) we know must do 23 – 17 = 6. So now we know that square D4 will contain a 6. This is one small example of how math is used in Sixex.
sixex walkthrough 1sixex walkthrough 12

Download Sixex to your android device today, or download our free interactive puzzle PDF!

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