The Story of Sixex

sixex-green-iconI created Sixex in 2012. I dreamed that I was solving a puzzle in which I had to figure out where the numbers 1-10 were in a 4X4 grid. (I usually have dreams that are a bit more interesting.) When I awoke, I decided to see if I could solve the puzzle from my dream just knowing the sum of all bordering boxes. I found I couldn’t make any progress, so I added a second clue that told me how many bordering boxes contained numbers. After this I was able to solve my first Sixex puzzle. The first version of Sixex was good but after you get the hang of it, the puzzles become too easy. My dad suggested a change that made the puzzle much more difficult. After the change, the puzzle is now fun and challenging all the way through.  This became the final version of Sixex.
– Luke Westberg

Download the Sixex android app here.

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